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Hybrid Hosting a Good Alternative for Cloud Computing

by rchamria, Jun 24, 2011

A new concept in the field of hosting that is taking root is Hybrid Hosting. It is similar to cloud computing, the only difference being that it makes use of a dedicated server that an internet service producer (ISP) makes available to a company’s network. There are situations when it is found that companies are better served by making use of dedicated servers. The reason is in such a case there is guarantee of securing sensitive information and the ISP itself becomes responsible for the maintenance and security of the installed server.

Cloud computing can also be good for hosting but then in such a case the company makes use of a remote server located at a distant place. In such a case, what happens is that the server gets slowed down and eventually the users get hanged in the middle of an operation. Cloud computing, however, offers a number of additional services like that of ‘Drop box’ that allows people to store photos, videos and other kind of files and access them from any place in the World.

The concept of Hybrid hosting is new and it involves use of a combination of cloud computing and other dedicated servers. Its advantages are the same in terms of scalability, affordability and increased availability of services. The difference being that instead of a business sharing the server with other companies, the ISP comes forward to dedicate a server to the company’s network. The ISP gives reassurance of providing security to data stored in the server. So, when a company wants to scale up or add more information and services, hybrid hosting can accommodate this.

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