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Benefits of Cloud Hosting

by rchamria, Nov 9, 2013

Information technology has made advantageous tools available for individual users and enterprises. Technical aspects have become topics of discussion for technical experts of web hosting. The functional attributes have proven to be successful for small businesses and individual users. Reason for this is cost-efficiency and flexibility has proven beneficial for small and micro enterprises.

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One technical aspect that is evolving continuously is ‘cloud hosting’ as small and medium sized companies are embracing this technology at a fast pace. The trend is expected to grow and develop in coming years. Cloud hosting is advantageous for mid to large sized companies. Working with the data in cloud can largely benefit businesses. Following are the listed advantages of the technology:

Unlimited Storage Offered: It is the cloud that gives unlimited capacity to its users for storing of informa0tion. So, there is no reason to think that one may be running out of storage capacity or may need to increase the current storage space capacity. Information is stored online in a separate server that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.

Cost efficient: It is a cost efficient technology for maintenance, use and upgrade of websites. The traditional desktop software costs companies a lot in terms of finance. The extra licensing fees add to the expenses of the establishment concerned. Cloud services can be found at much cheaper rates and hence the service can significantly lower the IT expenses of companies. Again, there are payment systems like ‘one-time payment’ and ‘pay as you go’ options that make it very convenient for the company that are in need of IT services such as ‘cloud’.

Software Integration: Software integration is really something vital for the cloud. It means no additional efforts are required to customize or integrate applications as per preferences. Cloud hosting allows customization of options with great ease. This is the reason why it is possible to handpick service and software that best fits an enterprise’s needs.

Recovery: As all data is stored up in cloud, so in the event of a disaster, backing the data up and restoring them may be easier than storing the same information in a physical device. Again, the service providers are good enough to recover information and it makes the entire process simple and efficient.

High Availability: A managed cloud service is available under private cloud architecture. This is why redundancy is built with multiple hosts, network security and SAN storage. Hence, overall protection is provided along with the unique ability to update and maintain hardware without the need of a maintenance window.

Access to Information: Information can be accessed from anywhere in the cloud after registration with a cloud service. The only requirement is an internet connection as staying online shall allow movement in different time zones and geographies.

Quick Deployment: There is also the advantage of quick deployment. The entire system becomes fully operational within a matter of few minutes. However, technology does matter in terms of time needed for deployment.

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Benefits of PHP Web Hosting

by rchamria, Feb 19, 2011

PHP is a server-side web programming language that was initially designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. The fact that it is open source gives it an edge over other programming languages. As a result of this, these days almost all hosting providers are offering PHP hosting services. From building websites to shopping system, many websites use scripts written in PHP language for various purposes.

PHP is considered to be one of the most popular platforms in today’s online website application. Owing to the numerous benefits offered by PHP scripting language, it has gained a lot of popularity. So if you wish to have reliable, affordable web hosting then consider the following advantages to select PHP website hosting.

Ability to Communicate with Different Databases

By using PHP to build your website, you are allowed to communicate with MySQL database. This allows numerous ways to develop or bring a website to life. You can make it work as you want; PHP can do the job perfectly for the first time.

Flexibility to Use Any Platform

You can use PHP in any platform; this allows high level of flexibility. You can now make big changes whenever required and can be easily integrated. Since it is an open source application therefore you can receive help from various user generated programs.


From security point of view it is much safe as compared to other language. Moreover, various security levels can be set in the.ini file to protect the system from attacks of users.


It is very important to ensure that your visitors will be able to load your website as speedily as possible. Your website will load quickly with PHP programming as there is Apache module on the whole written in C. Since, PHP is easy to use and runs really fast even an inexperienced developer can learn basics of PHP and start development.

Opting for a PHP hosting package is a valuable move for any prospective website owner. This is so because this system is easy to implement. Not just is the platform completely independent, fast, secure, and flexible but as compared to other web hosting solutions is highly affordable too.

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ASP Web Hosting – Best Technology for Creating Web Pages

by rchamria, Jan 27, 2011

When it comes to choosing a host for your website, lot of decisions need to be made. One important consideration is regarding the type of web hosting. ASP hosting which stands for active server page is a type of code that allows you to create dynamic web pages. So in order to make a decision regarding ASP, it is important to differentiate between static and a dynamic page.

In case you are not willing to make significant changes in the website content on a regular basis or the content of your home page, service page is not changed or updated on a regular basis then they are static web pages and then probably there would be no requirement of ASP web hosting. But in case you would like your website’s pages to incorporate changes, you will have to opt for dynamic hosting.

In order to create a dynamic page, you can add ASP code in the HTML web pages. For a site that has been designed using ASP web hosting, you have the web pages that can be changed or modified according to the action of the visitor. Moreover, ASP is able to allow its dynamic pages to act together with the objects in the page like Active X or Java components.

Though ASP functions more or less like other types of scripts and servers yet you can do many things by making use of this technology. Moreover, the features offered are any time more influential, and you can do a lot with your web design and the functionality of the site.

Since it is a Windows based technology, and is hosted on Windows servers 2000 yet it can be hosted on other servers like UNIX, but the only problem of hosting it on other servers is that some of the features might not be consistent.

ASP web hosting being powerful and flexible offers plethora of choices, which you won’t find with other application. So if you like to have a dynamic web page, then finding dependable ASP hosting becomes necessary.

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